Silverbacks High School

Silverbacks Lacrosse Recruiting program operates under the Delaware Lacrosse Academy and has been in existence since 2008. In the past 9 years, we have had over 190 players graduate from our program with players at every college level. We are committed to helping players reach their potential and assist families through the admissions and recruiting process from start to finish. All our coaches are college graduates and have had played college lacrosse. Also, our coaches have to be actively coaching at a high level. Our Summer teams practice twice per week to give the most opportunity for improvement and advancement.

Our mission is simple – “Development” of the entire athlete. Our philosophy as a coaching staff helps with the learning curve and the greater understanding of playing at a higher level – ”Teach Not Tell”. Playing at a faster and higher level combined with college level techniques helps players to read game situations, make assessments and decisions and apply proper, learned technique to instantaneous reactions that are practiced and refined within the program. We want our players to know everything they can about all aspects of the game. Better understanding equals a shorter read and react time creating the ability to play faster.

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