Winter 2018 Youth Boy’s Lacrosse Academy


Delaware Lacrosse Academy announces “THE ACADEMY” for this Winter 2018 for Youth Boys for U9 through U15 age groups.  Sorry, no High School players.

Our mission is simple – Development of the  entire lacrosse player – proficiency with skills and techniques and strong knowledge of all aspects of the game.  Through this our goal is to help make lacrosse stronger in the surrounding schools, programs and communities.

Too much emphasis has been placed on “playing club” and not enough on skill development for younger players.  Young players need a focused learning environment to increase and hone fundamentals while mastering basic techniques.  Sound fundamentals and techniques prepare players for advanced strategies and level of play.  In the Academy system, players will learn the proper way to play as an individual and in a team system.  As players learn and show proficiency, they will be challenged to continue to achieve success
by learning higher level skills and techniques.

– Develop new players by teaching proper skills and techniques from the start so they do not develop bad habits.  Help these players to advance to intermediate level skills and strategies.

  – Test intermediate players on working on all aspects of their game from off hand development and basics of the game to more challenging skills, strategies and techniques.

– Challenge advanced players to continue to strengthen all aspects of their game.  Teach these players high level skills, strategies and techniques and provide situational play for these players to work towards applying them to their game.

The Academy will be a “system” based teaching platform – making sure that the individual player masters all skills and strategies in order to move to next set of skills and strategies.


Our philosophy of Teach Not Tell  will help with the learning curve and the greater understanding of playing at a higher level.  Our players will learn everything they can about all aspects of the game.  Better understanding equals a shorter read and react time creating the ability to play faster.  The Academy will help your son to become a smarter, faster player.

The Academy environment will be a fun, safe learning environment for players to learn Ã?¢??college levelÃ?¢?? skills and strategies and to learn how to apply these skills and strategies in a challenging practice environment to help players to practice how they should play – as fast as they can without sacrificing skill and technique.

Playing at a faster and higher level combined with college level techniques and strategies helps players to read game situations, make assessments and decisions and apply proper, learned technique to instantaneous reactions that are practiced and refined within the program.

Coaching Staff:

Matt Daley, Director – 4 year Attackman at McDaniel College (D3) is currently Head Coach at Wilmington Charter served as an assistant a Delaware Military Academy and Tatnall School as Offensive Coordinator.  He has been a Delaware Silverbacks Coach for over 4 years.  Coach Daley will be joined with highly skilled and professional coaches who are college graduates and played D1 and D3 college lacrosse.  Program coaches are currently coaching in our communities as a high school head coach or assistant coach and have years of experience coaching players of all skill levels and abilities.

Tuition Fee:  $200.00 per player.

Academy Players receive:
– Player Evaluation on first day

  – (6) 2 hour practices beginning Sunday, January 14 (weather permitting).

  – “College Level” coaches with position-specific expertise.

  – “College Level” techniques and strategies for optimal growth and    

     development and understanding.

  – Situational Play.  Although this is a

     teaching based program, it is important that playing is a key part of

     development.  Coaching during play helps players better understand the

     game while helping them apply new skills and strategies.  Competition will

     be an integral part of the program.

  – Player stick evaluation – Players need the right stick and for it to be strung

     properly.  Coaches will evaluate each player’s stick(s) and make 

     recommendations on what needs to be done to help make the stick(s) 

     catch, throw and shoot properly.

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