I think the time that you spent w/ us parents on Saturday talking about the recruiting/admissions process was
well received and much appreciated…Keep up the energy.

~Parent of a player

Dear Coach Zwickert,
I didn’t have much time to talk to you at the end of the tournament but I just wanted to thank you for
everything you have done in the summer as well as the fall for me and all the other players. I know that you
have been going through a lot with your family and I admire the fact that you still find the time to help us
become better players and better individuals and I am very happy to say that I have played under you as my
coach. I am still not sure where I am going for college and I am still considering Wesley partly because you
have a squad of guys that I believe will be a threat in D3 lacrosse in the future but also because you are their
coach. I believe that you have helped Delaware players really get on the recruiting trail. Thanks A lot Coach!

~Silverbacks Player

Coach Z:
Many thanks to you and the Silverbacks players and families for your warm welcome of my son and our family.
It was a great experience!

~Parent of a player

Coach Z,
Thank you for taking the Silverbacks up to Haverford School this weekend. Thank you for helping these High
School players to understand that when you want to go play in the BIG LEAGUE you must make a bigger
commitment than you have ever before  made in your lacrosse career. This is a great start to something that
will be continue to put Delaware High School players in a better position to continue at the next level.

~Parent of a player and Youth Lacrosse Coach

I want to share some feedback from last week’s practice.  My son really enjoyed the first practice you held last
week.  He was so excited about the how much he learned that he told me he learned more in the two hours
with you and your coaches than in the last three years.   I was impressed with the flow of your drills, and how
the players get coached from various coaches when they complete their turn in the drills. Your drills keep the
“standing around time” to a minimum and keep the boys engaged in learning from you and your staff.
Additionally, your personal style is positive, yet authoritative and your coaching is genuine.  I am so glad our
high school coach strongly recommended your program to us.

~Parent of a player

Our son has played lacrosse since middle school and has always dreamed about playing in college.  He has
played on several different teams and for numerous coaches.  As a rising junior and senior in high school, he
actively played on 3 elite lacrosse traveling teams.  He has had amazing experiences with the sport, but feels
that you and your assistants not only enhanced his athletic performance on the field but also helped prepare
him for an amazing future.  You and your staff epitomize what a coach should be.  You have been a mentor and
friend to our son while pushing him to his peak athletic performance.  You have helped Andrew begin the
process of planning his future by exposing him to several college opportunities.  Whatever you said you
would do to help him in the recruiting and college selection process, you did!  You always have the kids’ best
interests in mind and support their dreams in any way you can.  Our son recently committed to a D1 school to
play lacrosse and we truly believe he could not have done it without the guidance and encouragement he
received from you and your staff.

~Parent of a player

Coach Z,
I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for my son. He will be playing Div. 1 lacrosse as you always
assured me he was capable of doing.  I knew from the first time I met you that your interest was in developing
the players.  You told us that if our sons were interested in playing at the next level there would be a program
were they could do this.

When my son told you of the school he was interested in attending you contacted the head coach to make
sure he knew about him.  Not only did you contact him, you knew him personally. It seems like you know all the
head coaches and assistants around the country in all divisions.  Thanks to your help he will be attending the
school of his choice.

My son felt he learned more playing for you then at anytime and anywhere else.  It showed through his
development as a Junior and Senior in high school on the field.  He also made friends with kids all over the
state and even in PA.  The tournaments were a great time and I feel the parents also bonded.

I can only say thank you so much for your effort and for helping these young men attain their dreams.  My only
regret is that my son’s high school years are over and he won’t be playing for you anymore.

Thank you!

~Parent of a player

Hey Coach Z!
I just wanna let you know that every game this year I played for Collin, everything I accomplished was for him.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my lacrosse career, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t
for you. Thank you!

~Player (2010 Alumni)


Thanks again for all you did for my players!  They are better players because they had the opportunity to play
under you with the Silverbacks.

~High School Head Lacrosse Coach

©2017 Delaware Lacrosse Academy

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