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Delaware Lacrosse Academy strives to develop the total student-athlete while helping to grow lacrosse in all the local programs, teams, schools and surrounding communities.  Through hard work and continual education in our program’s systematic approach to teaching, all players will have significant growth in skill, technique and knowledge while having fun.  We on enlist coaches who have a development mindset with the technical skills to coach program participants to play lacrosse the right way.

Why Delaware Lacrosse Academy & Silverbacks/Tribe Travel Teams?

Delaware Lacrosse Academy & Silverbacks Lacrosse were formed 7 years ago to provide high  level skills, techniques and strategies to high school and youth players.  Program Director,  Christian Zwickert, has had a proven track record as a Division 1 and 3 coach for over 14 years at Providence College, Dartmouth College, Drexel University and Franklin & Marshall College, Wesley College and Immaculata University.  While at Wesley College, Zwickert grew the program  to compete at  a national level playing top level teams including the #1 team in the country 3  times in one season.  Zwickert has refined his player development skills serving as head coach  for two National Teams – Poland andGermany and as a head coach at 3 Delaware High Schools –  Delcastle Vo-Tech, Salesianum School and Sanford School.  A former DelawareHigh School player at Salesianum School, Coach Zwickert has a long history of caring for the growth of development of the game, at all levels, in Delaware and surrounding states.  It is with this care  and passion that he looks to help individual lacrosse players reach their fullest potential on and off the field while helping to develop lacrosse in the area.

With his knowledge and experience of coaching at the college level and his vast experience in the recruiting, financial aid and admissions processes, Zwickert has the ability to help program participants and their families to make good, informed decisions based on academics, location, tuition needs, player ability and many more factors keeping his players’ interests at heart.

Our travel teams are based on a development system that helps players play as a team.  Our players learn to play as a team vs. good players on a good team.  College coaches want to see offensive and defensive systems and strategies while players showcase their individual abilities, skills and athleticism. We do not use the word “elite” in our Silverbacks or Tribe teams.  The word is overused in youth and high school sports and puts undue pressure on the players.  We want players who have a strong desire to learn, get better and aspire to play at a high level.  Our teams may not have the word “elite” after them but the Silverbacks and Tribe names are nationally known on the club lacrosse tournament circuit and these teams play at a very high level because of our team based philosophy.

Philosophy – “Teach not Tell”

“Teach not Tell” philosophy so that players have the ability to learn high level techniques,  systems and skills to have a stronger grasp on the game and ultimately become a player that can  process this knowledge to play and compete at a higher level.  The better understanding of the  game coupled with the ability to make reads and reactions quicker based on a greater “lacrosse  IQ” will allow the individual to play smarter and at faster level.

Mission – “Development of the person and player”

“Development of the person and player” is the focus.  Along with skill development the goal is  to become a better player while learning life skills through setting attainable goals, overcoming  adversity, playing with character, integrity and good sportsmanship.  Winning and losing is not the overall focus but learning to play fast, play smart, play at a high level and competing against  players from all over the state and the country to become a better player is.

Academy Benefits

  • College Level Coaching from a team of coaches that have played and/or coached at the college level.
  • College like practices.
  • Year Round Assistance in the recruiting process for those players who meet grade requirements
    • College Coach recommendations.
    • Coach Zwickert and his staff has relationships with coaches at ALL D1, D2, D3, NJCAA & MCLA programs to help players make the best decisions for academics and lacrosse.
    • Assist with college coaches coming to DE for tryouts, practices and scrimmages.
    • Attending tournaments/recruiting events sponsored by college coaches.
  • Marketing of Academy players
    • Online and mailed profiles for college coaches.
  • Programs that help bridge gap between youth to high school and high school to college level.
  • Provides a more competitive, structured and learning based environment that other programs/summer leagues.
  • Minimum of 3 tournaments with possible home/away scrimmages versus local club teams for Summer program.  Minimum of 2 tournaments for Fall program.
  • Safe, non-biased, learning environment.  All participants play equal amount in games and practices!
  • Custom Uniform that fosters team pride.
  • Provides a community for players and family (tailgating after games, car pooling opportunities, new friendships).
  • Recruiting seminar for parents highlighting recruiting process, rules for coaches, and the admissions process.
  • Partnership and playing opportunities with other club teams.  DLA has partnered with Buffalo Lacrosse Academy, West Florida Lacrosse and Brotherhood Lacrosse programs for players from each club to have an opportunity to play regionally and nationally together.

Silverbacks & TRIBE Names

When each of the programs first started (Silverbacks – Summer of 2008 and Tribe – Summer 2013), players who attended the first tryouts were given three options of team names with corresponding uniform designs and logos.  Through the voting process, players chose Silverbacks and Tribe names, logos colors.

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