Fall 2016 ACADEMY Information

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What is it: Youth Boys Lacrosse players who are at least 6 years old up to players who are in 8th grade.Current High School players not eligible. Our simple philosophy of "Teach Not Tell" will help with the learning curve and the greater understanding of playing at a higher level. Our players will learn everything they can about all aspects of the game. Better understanding equals a shorter read and react time creating the ability to play faster. The Academy will help your son to become a smarter, faster player. The Academy environment will be a fun, safe learning environment for players to learn "college level" skills and strategies and to learn how to apply these skills and strategies in a challenging practice environment to help players to practice how they should play - as fast as they can without sacrificing skill and technique. Playing at a faster and higher level combined with college level techniques and strategies helps players to read game situations, make assessments and decisions and apply proper, learned technique to instantaneous reactions that are practiced and refined within the program. TO REGISTER: 1. Create a FREE account. 2. Log in to your account you created 3. Click on program to register once you are logged in

Who can register: Everyone
Registration Cost: $200.00
Registration Opens: 08/01/2016
Registration Closes: 10/31/2016

Registration has closed

Step 1 : Create and Activate an Account

You now need to create a personal account to register to our website. It will contain all your personal and contact information, as well as your player profile. This account will stay with the athlete and should be used for all future registrations. Create an account by clicking here (link opens a new window).

Step 2 : Log into your account

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Step 3 : Go to 'Registrations' and Sign up!

Once you are logged in, go to the Registrations page and click the link next to the item you are registering for. Some links are available to everyone while others are only available to those who have made teams. If you have any questions, contact us before registering.

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