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Sponsorships and Partnerships
By sponsoring the DLA or one if its events, we are able to pass along those dollars to our participants who are in need of financial assistance.  For what DLA/Travel Team members receive in terms of benefits, we are by far the least expensive college exposure program in our area!  We do this to offer affordable, positive learning environments for players in our area by making many personal sacrifices and constantly seeking ways to get the greatest value for our athletes through group purchasing, sponsorship, partnerships and more.  Furthermore, we strive to never turn away an athlete capable of playing within our program due to family financial circumstances.  After all, we are about kids getting into and staying in lacrosse - money should be what makes that opportunity possible!

Please contact silverbackslacrosse@gmail.com for additional sponsorship details.  If you would like to advertise on DelawareLacrosseAcademy.com or one of our events please email us!!

Support the Sponsors and Business Listings
Program participants and families - Please support our sponsors and thank them for sponsoring the DLA.  In supporting them, our sponsors see the benefit of their efforts and financial support.

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This will enable more people to learn about us and all of our programs and benefits.

Send us “News”
Take a break from your normal routine and share with the DLA community valuable lacrosse news.  Share your college signings, your team’s big wins, individual top performances, upcoming events and much, much more.  You will help keep DLA news fresh and more importantly, your news will provide inspiration for younger DLA athletes.  This goes for classroom and off the field achievements as well!!

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